It’s alive!

I thought I should put this over here seeing as this was the NaNoWriMo book. So excited!

The Musings of Erotica Author C.V. Walter

It’s ALIVE!!! Mwahahahahahahaha!

Molly was no stranger to life’s little detours. After the last upheaval, she left her family’s law firm to become a maintenance technician on the Space Station Bradbury 12. When an accident knocks her off her feet, she’s going to have to draw on all her resilience to get back up. First, though, she’s going to have to figure out how to talk to the big, blue alien trying to help her.

There wasn’t supposed to be a space station where Mintonar’s ship emerged from the galactic bridge. As far as they knew, there wasn’t supposed to be intelligent life on the planet, either. Proof of how wrong they were is laying in his Medical Bay and it’s his job to save her. When he touches her, his life turns upside down and his mission suddenly includes figuring out why everything inside him insists she’s his mate…

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Things I Have Learned

Writing with a fever is hard. Especially when you can’t concentrate for more than 30 seconds at a time.

I work better away from my home. Partially because there’s fewer distractions, partially because I’m not mocked and shamed by the laundry pile I’m trying to ignore.

Non-fiction books are really hard to read when I can’t concentrate.

This message brought to you by a respiratory virus.

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Still Alive

One of the fun things about relaunching a career, which is really what a lot of the stuff I’m doing for my writing feels like, is how much of it is behind the scenes. Currently, I’m working on building the back end of my mailing list and my websites. And putting together the covers for the next couple books which are going to be so AWESOME!!

Thanks for sticking with me. I’ll have more I can share later this week. I hope.

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A Year in Perspective

I’ve spent the last couple days laughing at and agreeing with a lot of the “Get thee behind me, Satan” memes and posts about 2020. It was a rough year, more for some than others, but everybody had challenges. Since the retrospective on a bunch of the short-term awfulness that was 2020 has been done to death and we can’t know the long-term awfulness just yet, I thought I’d do something a little different.

Last year brought a lot of good and happy things for me and I thought I’d share those.

First: I can’t begin to tell you how much the hairsticks I’ve started using have changed everything. They work in my hair, stay put, and can look everything from fun to professional. My favorites are the ones made of katalox and I have plans to buy them in ebony, purple heart and an assortment of the G10 colors.

Also, my brother-from-another-mother, he whose children have a very special place in my heart, got married to one of the most awesome women on the planet. I’m still getting to know her kids but they seem pretty cool too and their family makes my heart happy every time I see pictures of them. I got to attend the wedding and it was one of the highlights of my year.

One of the other highlights was attending a Not-a-Con. A smallish gathering of writers in a kinda out of the way place in Texas was something I’d been needing. Conversations that ranged all over the map, storytelling from some men who’ve mastered the art of telling a story to a room of people, sitting outside when the amount of people became to much and some truly amazing thunderstorms was an experience I won’t soon forget.

I won Nano this year! And became a lot more confident in my abilities as a writer and artist. I’ve spent the last few weeks doing some soul searching and I’m fairly certain I’ve got a good path for the next year.

I’ve lost, and kept off, 40 pounds this year. I’ve spent close to a decade bouncing around between losing and regaining the same 15 pounds, and I don’t want to even acknowledge the weight I started at. Safe to say, my total pounds lost is a bit more than 40. But, I ended 2020 on the cusp to another pant size and I’d been at the same weight for the entire month. Yes, even with the over-indulgence in candy and sweets that was December. This is a huge milestone for me and I’m looking forward to continuing my progress in 2021.

Hopefully everybody had a safe and happy new year’s eve and are ready to give 2021 their best shot.

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Trying some things…

Well, it’s December and I’m probably not going to do the daily posting I was in November, though this was the first time in a while I managed a post for every day of NaNoWriMo so that’s a good feeling.

One of the classes I took this year was one about putting together your media kit. This is something that has always terrified me about writing and publishing. I need to do even MORE things for all of this? And it has to be things people want to see besides my writing?

Well, yes, and I’ve known that for a while. One of the things the person giving the workshop talked about was Youtube being important for writers. I’m still iffy on the whole book trailers thing (do you like them?) but something she recommended was making a play list for any books that have music that goes with them. That seemed like an interesting idea except most of my books don’t have a soundtrack, per se. However, there are certain songs I listened to for the month of October as a kind of reward for my brain for coming up with all the words.

I’m putting the link here so people can check it out. I hope it works! If it doesn’t, let me know, okay? I’m still figuring all of this out and it’s a whole lot more intimidating than actually, like, writing. Ya know?


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Nanowrimo 2020 Day 30

I won! But at what cost? Just kidding. I really enjoyed my story this year and didn’t neglect my family too much, I don’t think. Though, I did have to defend my boundaries and writing time more than once. I’m glad I did but I know I hurt a few feelings doing so.

So, what’s next? Well, I’m going to actually finish the book in December and send it out to alpha and beta readers of the next month or so. While they read, I’m going to work on the next book in the Blood of the Fae series and have that up by January, with book the sequel to the book I wrote this month to be finished by the end of February.

Of course, if next year follows this year in any way, shape, manner or form, that’s so not going to happen but that’s my plan and it seems like a good one from here.

words today: 1786

total words: 50,154

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Nanowrimo 2020 Day 29

We’re coming up to the end of the month and I can see the end of this story. Unfortunately, I think it’s probably going to hit about 65k before it’s done but that’s alright! Carrying on into December is totally doable and it looks like I’m going to win 2020! Woohoo!

today’s words: 3235

total words: 48,368

Less than 2k to go and I can definitely get that done tomorrow. Almost ready to celebrate!

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Nanowrimo 2020 Day 28

We’re coming down to the wire and I’m still coming up from behind. Part of me wants to write something really profound here but, quite frankly, I’ve used all the words on my WIP so I’m just gonna have to reuse some of them here.

today’s words: 4,435

total words: 45,133

I need just under 5k words to win Nano and I’ve got 2 days to do it. I’ve got this.

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Nanowrimo 2020 Day 27

I slept in, picked up leftover from family and had hours to write. So why am I so tired?

today’s words: 2332

total words: 40,698

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Nanowrimo 2020 Day 26

I am not in a turkey coma though it was not for a lack of trying. I also worked today so the fact that I got any words written feels like a miracle.

today’s words: 730

total words: 38,366

I’m going to have to seriously step it up for the next couple days if I’m going to make it to 50k but I think I can do it. It’s going to be a near thing, though.

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