Nanowrimo 2020 Day 27

I slept in, picked up leftover from family and had hours to write. So why am I so tired?

today’s words: 2332

total words: 40,698

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Nanowrimo 2020 Day 26

I am not in a turkey coma though it was not for a lack of trying. I also worked today so the fact that I got any words written feels like a miracle.

today’s words: 730

total words: 38,366

I’m going to have to seriously step it up for the next couple days if I’m going to make it to 50k but I think I can do it. It’s going to be a near thing, though.

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Nanowrimo 2020 Day 25

Well, retail just before a major holiday really sucks. Today was long and draining and tomorrow (the actual holiday) is going to be stressful and I am so glad I’ll have the 2 days after that off.

I came home, popped the leftovers in the microwave, caught up on all the stuff I missed then jumped into the sprints. And had it pointed out to me that I type faster than the word count updates by virtue of watching it jump 200+ words every time I came back from having stepped away from the desk to stretch.

today’s words: 2727

total words: 37,636

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Nanowrimo 2020 Day 24

It snowed. As much as I complain about the cold and the slush on the road, I love the snow. Since it’s all going to melt tomorrow, I allowed myself to remember today how much I love the snow. My fingers reminded me why I do not like the cold.

So, words today. The story is moving forward and will probably come in around 65000 words so I’m just past the half-way point. For being behind, that actually feels pretty good.

Words today: 2572

total words written: 34,909

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Nanowrimo 2020 Day 23

Wut r werds?

Okay, not really, but today was not only long, it was also tedious and frustrating. I got home to a delicious home made meal and sat down to write. Only to end up spending some much needed time reconnecting with the family of my heart.

So, lots of writing today but not much of it usable in my Nano novel. No worries, though, I have a plan to catch up! Mostly it involves writing a whole lot over the next week.

today’s words: 116

total words: 32337

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Nanowrimo 2020 Day 22

Well, I’d planned on having today off and that ended up not having. But, hey, who’s going to complain about overtime heading into the holidays? And I still managed to get some writing done.

today’s words: 2791

total words: 32,221

And I’m going to include a bit I found amusing because I’ve also hit ‘wut arr wurds’ time of night:

“If you don’t object, I’ll move you to my suite so the medical bay can be cleaned and used for other patients.”

“It’s probably the only safe place to put me for now,” she agreed. “I do understand some of what you need to do, even if I don’t know all your protocols, the ones I’ve seen are similar enough in principle to ours to make sense.”

“Then I’ll make you breakfast and you can amuse yourself going through my things,” he said with a laugh. “You can see how much you can figure out how to use by the time I come back for the night cycle.”

“That sounds like a challenge,” she said.

“Perhaps it is. See how many of my things you can figure out how to use without breaking them down into their component parts.”

“That’s not fair,” she told him. “You broke me down into my component parts. And your friend is taking apart my suit.”

“Yes, but I was able to put you back together. How about this; anything you take apart has to be put back together before I get back.”

“Deal,” she said with a grin.

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Nanowrimo 2020 Day 21

I feel so productive today! Progress made on cleaning the apartment, language lessons continue apace and I finally got over the hump (heh) on the novel.

There are certain scenes that take me foreeeeeever to write, mostly specific action type sequences, and I slow down because I want to make sure I get the blow by blow, so to speak, correct.

Having done that, I’m now moving right along and should be able to pick up speed going into the holiday. Which is really weird because this week, traditionally, is the one where I want to scream and cry and tear my hair out. Well, 2020 is nothing if not weird and if the only slightly calm week I have is Thanksgiving, well, I’ll take it.

today’s words: 3129

total words: 29430

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Nanowrimo 2020 Day 20

20 days and I’m still doing this! Even though I’m way behind and really, really don’t have the time to catch up, apparently. I’m going to try, though, and that’s all that matters.

I had a thought while I was writing today (yeah, dangerous, I know) and that was how utterly boring I think I am. And yet, my friends are fascinated by various aspects of my life. These same friends are some of the greatest treasures I have partially because they’ve done amazing things that I could only dream of. Then I realized, my life is boring because I’m living it! Even with stress and drama, these are known quantities that might cause heartburn but won’t ever cause the sudden sense of adventure I get from listening to the stories my friends share.

It’s the same thing with the stories I write. They’ve been through my head, I’ve turned the various plots and tropes over and around in my mind long before I commit them to paper or electrons. They’re familiar to me long before I show them to anybody else. For everybody else, all the people who don’t live in my very strange brain, these are new thoughts, ideas, stories or characters they’ve never seen before.

Maybe I’m not as boring as I think.

words today: 1700

words total: 26,460

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Nanowrimo 2020 Day 19

Another day of being productive for everybody else. It’s amazing how quickly I just run out of steam at the end of the day. I think, going forward, I’m going to really need to up my morning words game to even think of finishing.

today’s words: 430

total word count: 24806

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Nanowrimo 2020 Day 18

Another day lost to stress and anxiety. I’d say I’ve lost my faith in humanity but it’s hard to lose something you’ve never really had. Humans can be awesome. They can also be selfish and terrible. More writing tomorrow.

words today: 417

total words: 24315

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