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There has been a trend recently of re-examining literature and changing it. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is one of the better known examples of doing this. Honestly, I’m pretty meh about the whole thing. I liked the original books and I’m not a big fan of zombies. Changing classic literature into something better is difficult, particularly because what would be better is completely subjective.

However, there is a twist on this trend that I have to support. Adam Bertocci took the cult film The Big Lebowski and re-wrote it in the style of Shakespeare. At first glance, The Two Gentlemen of Lebowski seems like a terrible idea. Most people these days just don’t get Shakespeare, mostly because at least half of what Shakespeare wrote was popular culture references for his time. However, Bertocci shows a great understanding of not only The Big Lebowski but also of Shakespeare.

I submit this video for those people who aren’t into the whole reading plays thing:

Also, if anybody in Denver decides to actually perform this as a play, I will buy front row tickets for every showing.


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