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Telling a good story

What is it? How does one do it? What do you mean “good”?

Just a preview of what I plan to tackle in January, along with the regularly unscheduled shenanigans.

I’ll leave you with some advice from Gaelic Storm:



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Oy! With the packing and the sewing and the cleaning!

So busy this week but there has been sewings done. Yes there has. Many presents have been accomplished and pictures will be taken though they won’t be posted until after Christmas since I know at least my husband has been checking this blog to see what he’s getting. Sorry honey, no help here.

So excited about the move to a bigger space where I”m going to have a, drum roll please . . . studio!  I currently take up a corner of the living room. I seriously haven’t dared to start some of the projects I’ve wanted because I just don’t have the space to make them. Also, as much as I like being a work at home mom (though Susie Homemaker I am not), I need a place that’s kid free. Stepping on pins hurts and I don’t want a crawling baby to find one.

So, here’s to a professional space and finished Christmas presents!

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How Two Outcast Rappers Built an Insane Clown Empire | Magazine

I first heard about ICP in my high school economics course. Somebody had brought in a magazine article about them and we ended up spending the whole period discussing it. We concluded that, if they could get a devoted following and stay true to them, they’d become quiet millionaires. More than 10 years later, I’m very happy to see that our predictions came true.
I was introduced to their music during a rough time in my life by some people who’d had even rougher lives. Though I’m not a devoted follower, I do like several of their songs and I’m increasingly impressed by the Dark Carnival mythos. They are fantastic story-tellers and they seem to encourage that trait in the artists they develop.
If you can stomach the lyrics, which tend to the cartoonishly violent, the ICP discography would be a great listen for any writer.

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Heren Istarion: The Northeast Tolkien Society: Call for Papers: Neil Gaiman Collection Planned

Heren Istarion: The Northeast Tolkien Society: Call for Papers: Neil Gaiman Collection Planned

This project looks like one that I have to be involved with. Gaiman books will be sought out and devoured in preparation.
Oh, yeah, like I didn’t have enough to do already. LOL, I do seem to be a busy little bee these days.

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I spent my day today trying to put together a tutorial for making icicle ornaments. This is a project my mother and I did every year for almost a decade. I was absolutely positive that I remembered how to do everything.

But, the plexiglass I bought was too thin.

I set the temperature for the stove too low.

Then I set it too high.

Then the new plexiglass won’t cut.

Then . . .

Well, you can see the problem. So, I took a step back, watched a cartoon with my son and put the project away.

I also sent an e-mail to my mom. She thinks the problem was that I was doing it by myself while trying to watch two kids.

We’re going to make them this weekend.

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Art Discussion

I read about a dozen other blogs, give or take a couple, every day. Some are for fun, some are political, some are religious. I don’t always agree with everything but it certainly makes for interesting discussions.

One of my favorite bloggers writes as The Anchoress. Her name is Elizabeth Scalia and, while I don’t always agree with her, I always learn something. I also think she has some of the nicest, best educated commenters I’ve encountered in the blogosphere.

The discussion on a post about an art review, art reviewer and Norman Rockwell intrigued me and I just had to share.

There’s too much to simply excerpt and some of the best lines are in the comments.

Go. Read. Enjoy.

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Thinking With My Hands

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Often, I’ll find myself wanting to write but having no idea what to say. I need to find a way to get my thoughts in order but techniques to accomplish this are occasionally difficult to find and implement. The most successful thing I’ve found has been to sit and sketch. As my pencil moves, I find myself calmer, more able to put feelings and impulses into words.
I thought I’d share some of the sketching I did today. Also, I was having fun playing with Mypaint. 

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