On Blogging and Babies

I come here with a common complaint, especially among mothers; there are just not enough hours in the day. With 2 jobs, 2 “jobs”, 2 children, a house and a husband, things are definitely hectic.
Not that I’m complaining.
Thankfully, everybody has overcome their various illnesses, the baby has finally cut her teeth and my back problems seem to be taking a break. Summer vacation has begun. I am starting projects for this summer, several of which will be made into posts.
This is more of an explanation post, really. Explaining my long, though productive, absence. I have 6 book reviews coming, along with several sewing posts. I’ll be putting them up as I have time to edit and upload. The sewing posts will definitely be picture and, occasionally, math heavy.
So, until next time, happy reading and stay creative!

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One response to “On Blogging and Babies

  1. As moms, we all need or have to take that time off! Now that my kids are in school, summer is my least focussed, productive time. Back to school in 2 weeks!

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