Steampunk Sunday: Footwear

I’ll be honest, I love shoes. There’s something about wearing a great pair of shoes, even if the rest of the outfit is a little dull, that can just give me a whole new attitude. And boots? Ah, I love a good pair of boos even more. 
Steampunk boots? If heaven is where it’s always happy hour on somebody else’s tab, Steampunk boots are what you wear to that happy hour. 

How beautiful are those boots? Elegant and simple but with those gears running all the way up, they’re perfect for that lady in the age of steam. 
I love these shoes. The base is a modern style but it’s the added gear details that make these a great addition to a modern ensemble that you want to give just that classic edge. 
I’m not sure I’d wear these ones but I think the design is interesting. They bring to mind the scientists lovely female assistant dressing up outside of the lab. 
I love shoes that tell a story. Who would wear those shoes? Why would they purchase them? The more interesting the story, the more I love them. 

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