Steampunk Sunday: Accessories

I believe I’ve mentioned before how much I love the Steampunk aesthetic. 
Have I? Oh, good. 
Now, while you can get away with Steampunk cosplay at conventions and other events, there are times in your life when it’s just not appropriate. 
That’s where the accessories come in. For example, look at some of these necklaces: 
The tiny gears and writing just make this necklace. I can see wearing it as a statement piece with an otherwise professional looking outfit, or a pendant with a casual one. 

A clockwork dragonfly! Another beautiful pendant to wear with almost anything. 

I love the gems in this piece. The whole thing is so delicate and lovely, I would love to see somebody wear this with a cocktail dress. 

Need something to wear with a jacket? This delicate little brooch will do just the trick.

But remember, Steampunk isn’t just for the ladies! There is some beautiful work out there for the gentlemen, as well. 

Like these Steampunk cufflinks. Just the thing to add a little bit of awesome to an otherwise boring suit. 

And for those gentlemen who wear long ties, a Steampunk Tie Clip. 

These are just a few of the ways to add a little bit of steam to your life. 

Done something with Steampunk? Have pictures to share? Let me know about it!
Coming soon: Hats! Technology! Goggles! Books!


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