Steampunk Sunday: Dresses

One of the things I find fascinating about Steampunk is the word ‘punk’ that’s on the end there. ‘Punk’ implies a movement that is counter the current culture.

Steampunk is certainly counter-culture and that’s seen nowhere quite as well as in the clothing. Women’s Steampunk clothing, in particular, is hard to grasp at first blush. It is inspired by, if not taken directly from, Victorian styles and modes of dress. The dresses are beautiful, flattering and modest. The modesty is probably one of the things I love the most about these dresses (though the beautiful fabrics help, too) and I find it sadly amusing that a full length dress and a modest neckline are considered to be revolutionary.

As with most outfits, the accessories truly make this one special.
It’s the velvet that makes this dress for me. I just want to go and touch it.
It’s not just the ladies who are getting into the act. Don’t worry gents, we’ll get to you next week!
This beautiful design is for a wedding dress. I love that it’s not all white!
Somebody once told me that Steampunk is what happens when Goths discover the color brown.
Well, if that’s the case, I love the way they use a new color!


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4 responses to “Steampunk Sunday: Dresses

  1. I love steampunk! I love the whole look. The jewelry is to die for. I wish I had the writers skill to write steampunk. Maybe someday when my zombie hordes have settled down, I'll try my hand writing steampunk. THEN, as a 40 year old woman when I dress in my steampunk costume it will be acceptable. Hey, my friends all dig my zombie shirts 🙂

  2. I designed a steampunk dress to wear to a friends wedding and then found out I was pregnant. I had to modify the dress so much, it hardly qualified. When I get a chance I plan on designing some more to wear to cons this year. I may get around to writing some, eventually. 🙂 Once I'm finished with all my fairies.

  3. I NEED the second dress pictured! where did you find it??

  4. Dress #2 was a custom one that was sold on Etsy. I've fixed the link so you can just click on the caption to find the seller. Happy shopping!

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