Steampunk Sunday: Menswear

As much as I love Steampunk Dresses, I have to give the gents their due. Some of the men’s costume’s I’ve seen are beautiful and incredibly intricate. So, here’s to the men of Steampunk!

How many different Steampunk “characters” can you find in this picture?

I love the striped shirt with the vest. I love when a man wears a vest.

Thought women were the only ones who could rock lacings? This is an awesome vest for an adventurer or rake to sport.

A very dapper gentleman sporting a very complicated looking gas-pack. I wonder what he’s up to . . .

The suit looks deceptively simple but that hair is rockin’!

Oh my, is that a Steampunk kilt? Be still my heart!

I really do love the Steampunk gentlemen.

Next week I’ll be showcasing Steampunk versions of some characters you may recognize and some you may not.

Have something Steampunk you’d like me to showcase? Leave me a note in the comments or shoot me an e-mail. I love supporting small businesses and artisans with a flair for the dramatic.


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One response to “Steampunk Sunday: Menswear

  1. Love that Steampunk Gas-Pack – very cool! Great collection.

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