NaNoWriMo: Day Twenty-Eight

Day twenty-eight and the end is in sight! I am so close, I can taste it!

Today was mostly spent taking care of the various sickos, erm, I mean sick people in the family. I needed the time away from the computer, too.

Back in college, where I first met my hubby, I played Dungeons and Dragons. A lot. Half the time, I was drafted to be the DM and we all had a blast. One of the things that made my players groan, though, was when I announced that I’d had time to plan.

Well, today in all the waiting rooms, I had time to plan. I fully believe that, as a writer, it is my job to torture my characters in order that I might torture and delight my readers. Things are about to get brutal for my characters and I almost feel bad about it. Almost.

Today’s Stats:
Title: Amaria
Total words written: 48,834
Words written today: 3,370


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