Steampunk Sunday: Cake

I love cake. I especially love a cake that looks as good as it tastes. I am also notorious for hating the taste of fondant. That’s ok today, though, because these are just too pretty to cute into. 
I want this one for my birthday this year. 

I love the dark wood feel to this one. How do they even do that?

Abstract gears leading up to a mechanical bride and groom.

Hat? Check! Clock? Check! Corseting? Check! Wings? Check! Gears? Check!

The detail on this is fantastic! I love the little octopus on top. 

Trunks with gears and an octopus, beautiful.

The view on the left is detail from the back of the cake. That’s right, this is a Steampunk Corset Cake. I’m in love!

Jen over at Cakewrecks is also a Steampunk lover and  has lots more cakes to check out. 


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2 responses to “Steampunk Sunday: Cake

  1. I'm lovin' the one with the corseted hat on top! I want to learn to make cakes this awesome! We'll work on that cake for your bday but we might also have to get one that you will actually eat lol.

  2. I love the hat cake. Maybe I'll ask for something like that for my birthday.

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