Steampunk Sunday: Computers

I’ve been fascinated by computer mods for years now. The personal computer has become more and more personal as the years have gone by but they all look so similar. What better way to make it truly personal than to modify it and make it yours. 
Modifying computers for Steampunk is perfect. It adds some beauty and elegance to something that most people see as strictly utilitarian. Something I’ve always loved about Victoriana: nothing is strictly functional, it must also be appropriately decorated for the room it’s in. 
Wooden keyboards.

Steampunk additions to a tower case.
Another tower, this time a bit more elegant.

The whole set up is modified to fit with the room it’s in. 

That’s a laptop. Yes, a laptop.
Bonus points for anybody who can tell me where this computer belongs!

And now I’m off to learn woodworking.

Remember, if you have a steampunk collection you’d like me to feature, drop me a line in the comments!



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3 responses to “Steampunk Sunday: Computers

  1. That is the "next doctor's" tardis control room of course.

  2. Indeed it is. I loved that episode!

  3. You can't beat Steampunk Cybermen. Should they be called Steamermen?

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