Steampunk Mid-week Motivation

Why I did a Steampunk Computers post.

update: No idea who’s sending me all the traffic but thanks! Let me know how you got here in the comments!



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12 responses to “Steampunk Mid-week Motivation

  1. oooo pretty….me want…..

  2. Does this Jutebox/pipe organie thing actually play music or is it a synonym for failed and obsolent technology in today's consumer societ.

  3. It's a mod somebody did on their computer to make it look awesome.

  4. This page was picked up by the facebook group found here: Hence, lots of traffic 🙂

  5. FYI – upper right corner of photo is a brass porthole; inside the porthole is an object – it is a brooch that I made – my "Pirate Airship Revenge" pewter & brass brooch with 9 moving parts. Bruce displays it in this porthole when he is not wearing it. SteamSmith –

  6. That somebody is Bruce Rosenbaum. It is part of his famous "SteamPunk House".

  7. This picture is awsome,way to go,love it

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