The Health Journey: Week 9

Another update? Already? Sheesh, where does the time go.

To start, I pretty much expected this last week to kind of suck. I was bloated and gross for at least a portion of it and I’m kicking major ass on a deadline that’s basically kept me chained to my computer. When said computer decides it wants to Blue Screen of Death for NO FRAKKING REASON!!!! *pant pant pant* and I end up spending the last week before the deadline trying to get to the file that I’m editing and bring the brand new freaking computer back to life, I can honestly say that I didn’t pay much attention to what I was eating.

That’s the bad news. I’ll add to it that one of the habits I’m finding it very difficult to break is having something in my mouth as I work. In the past, that was a cigarette or a handful of M&M’s. There was leftover Easter candy around this weekend. The last few days, it’s been my headphone cord, to the point where I might be wearing through at certain parts. I may be taking a trip to the grocery store to pick up some gum soon if I can’t stop it.

I’m gonna have to break a habit I didn’t even really know I had and I’m gonna have to do it a week late for a deadline. If I was any less dedicated to this health journey, I’d call it off for a few days and just eat the freaking chocolate. As it was, I got much less exercise than I had planned, though I did get some, and I ate a lot more sugar than I should have. I’ve got until Thursday to get the book I’m working on back to the publisher, let’s see if I can make it and stick to my food plan.

This weeks numbers:

Starting weight: 316.8 lbs
This weeks weight: 298 lbs
Weight lost this week: 0 lbs

That’s right. I didn’t lose anything. I also didn’t gain anything. Since I’ve lost about 18 lbs so far, I’m pretty happy with the results. I’ve got a lot more to go so a couple of slip ups aren’t going to put me all the way back at the beginning. I’m in it for the long haul and I’m working very hard to take the long view of things.


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