Nanowrimo Day 8

I was productive today!  No, seriously, that’s not sarcasm. I was ready to smack myself today before my productivity began and, when I think about it, I still kinda want to smack past me for being a moron.

I’m supposed to take vitamins every day. Most women should, but mine are very, very important. I’m anemic so I take an iron supplement every day and a couple other vitamins that make functioning like a regular human adult possible. I got really sick for a few days this summer and forgot to take my vitamins. And then I continued forgetting until I got out of the habit and I couldn’t figure out why I was so tired. Uh, duh! Anemic who doesn’t take their iron supplements is the definition of tired . . . and stupid.

So, I got 10 hours of sleep tonight and took my vitamins and wow, I can function again! Seriously, night and day difference.

On to the writing recap!

Last night, I added more to the story I’m doing for Nanowrimo. When I woke up this morning, I hated it. Absolutely hated it. It was a victim puke and emotion dump for me. It had no place in my story so, I did something most Nano veterans tell you not to do. I deleted it. 900 words went bye bye because I just couldn’t stand to have them in my story. With those 900 words, I would have been beyond what I needed to be at today to make my goal of 50,000 words by November 30. Oh well, such is life and it was a conscious decision to put myself behind to be a little happier with my writing.

The words below are going to be the official count from the Nano website and won’t reflect the 900 words that I wrote and deleted. I could do another 97 words tonight but, quite frankly, I’m exhausted and just want to go to bed at this point. So, I’ll catch up the rest of the way tomorrow.

Today’s words: 2306
Total words written: 13236


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