Nanowrimo Day 11

Sometimes, things just happen that knock you on your ass. I’ve had a series of events over the last couple of days that, while I could have taken each of them ok if it had been just that one thing, the combination has just done a number on me. Quite frankly, I’ve spent most of today crying and I expect that to continue through tomorrow, as well.

That kid? That’s me. The asshole dog? That’s life. See? It’s like it’s a metaphor

If writing was a day job, I’d be taking time off for this. Now, I don’t plan to take all that much time off and I’m looking forward to immersing myself in the worlds I’ve created and spending time tormenting my characters. However, sometimes, we just need to grieve and that’s the point I’m at.

Words written today stands at 0 and I am officially way behind on Nanowrimo. I have plans to catch up but it’s going to be a long, hard slog for a while.

This just makes me laugh.

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One response to “Nanowrimo Day 11

  1. Wow, that dog up top really IS an asshole but look at that adorable little Corgi…I think he provided at least a small smile during a terrible week. BTW, have you been filming my dog because that looks like what my crazy little guy does!

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