Copper Visions: Introduction

It’s here! I am so excited for this! I think I may have to go puke.

Ok, no, I didn’t but seriously, I’ve building up to this for months and I’m actually a little disappointed that I didn’t get this started back in February. That, however, is not important for today because today is the launch of Copper Visions!

Now, I just want to go over again how this is going to work.

I will be posting a chapter every Wednesday, starting today, for the next 25ish weeks. I’ll set up a page with links to all the chapters once we get going. I’m leaving comments on so people can give their input. If you catch a mistake, let me know! I do request a little suspension of disbelief because the whole point is to have a good time.

I hope everybody enjoys my Steampunk Fantasy and the experience that comes along with reading weekly installments. (Yes, I do plan on collecting the whole thing into a book at the end and releasing it as an ebook and, if there’s enough demand, a printed version.)


Update: Also! If anybody is inspired to draw, sketch, paint, etc. anything from this book, let me know! I would love to have a fan art page where I can link back to all the wonderful people who are inspired by my work.


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