Why do I write and what do I think I’m doing?

An unscheduled update? Le gaspeh!

Seriously, though, I went all contemplative tonight (hey, it’s not midnight yet!) and had to sit down and think this out and figured I’d share it.

Why do I write?

Because I do. Whether I’m doing it at the computer, with a pen and paper, running a role-playing game or making up stories in my head, I write. A lot. Almost constantly, actually, and I’ve been doing it forever. I have algebra notes from 15 years ago with the beginnings of an idea that will actually be coming out in novel form later this year. I have similar chemistry, physics and history notes, as well. I did well in those classes but I had trouble concentrating during the lectures so I wrote stories. My English classes inspired poetry, though I’m still not sure why.

I write because I have the ‘innate talent’ of somebody who reads a lot, and has done for as long as she can remember. I really, truly, don’t think it was something I was born with; more like, it was something I learned and internalized at a very young age because doing so entertained me. I think this may be why I had so much trouble with my grammar classes growing up; I knew the rules, I knew that they worked, who cared about the why? Well, obviously somebody cared.


What do I think I’m doing?

I think I’m pursuing my passion, my dream, of becoming a writer on my own terms. I’ve planned something like the career I’m in the process of carving out for myself since I was 16. After years of being told it was wrong, impractical, etc., the world has finally advanced enough to make my dream possible and I’m going after it with everything I’ve got. 

Why am I doing it this way? Well, to be honest, no matter how sweet, shy, introverted and agreeable I seem, I have a rebellious streak a mile wide and there ain’t nobody who’s going to tell me what to do. That’s not saying I don’t learn. I’ve spent the last 2 years (wow, 2 years? already?) learning everything I could about every facet of this business that I can without actually taking the plunge. I plan to self-publish just about everything I write (I may work with a small press for one specific series of books).

Yes, I have 2 short stories available on Amazon. They’re up because some friends were lamenting that the stories I’d written were no longer available because the forum I’d written them on was changed and everything was lost. I was learning how the whole process of self-publishing works so I used them as experiments to make sure I could do it right. You know what? I learned a lot. I also gave copies to everybody who asked for one. I’ll be offering eARC’s of my next few projects, too, just because I can.

Am I an expert on this? Oh heck, no. But I’ve learned a lot and I can do math. 


I have big dreams and I plan to keep sharing them with everybody who keeps reading. I know not everything I post is to everybody’s taste but I will keep posting and, I hope, develop a wider range of stories. (psst, it helps if you comment on stuff if you like it. I’ll write more of it!)


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