Monday Morning Update

Yes, alas, I have been neglecting my Monday fitness and health stuff. And there’s a reason for that. Mostly it’s because my body hates me. But, it’s also partially because it’s hard to update with “Well, I’m broke and can’t afford the food that keeps me healthy, so I’m eating what I can afford until I can get more hours at the day job that’s killing me.” So, yeah, things haven’t been great health wise and the writing is making enough to support me. Yet.

Speaking of writing, I’m putting a compilation of Flash Fictions that is set to be released sometime in the next couple weeks. I’ll be taking the Best Of’s from the blog and writing new content that will only be available in the compilation. If you have a favorite flash fiction, let me know 🙂 Requests that are written on $20’s will get first consideration.

I hope everybody has been well and checking out the chapters on Wednesday and the Flash Fiction‘s on Friday.


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