Flash Fiction Friday: Rain Returns


Rain sat on a table in the pavilion the musicians had taken refuge in when the skies had opened up. Most of the audience had joined them and they’d continued playing once everybody was out of the rain. The dancers took over the tables and kept dancing, pulling others up to join them as there was space. One of the musicians saw Rain’s flute and asked if she knew the songs they were playing. When she nodded a tentative affirmative, he told her to join in.



It had been ages since she’d been here and she wasn’t sure she’d ever been to this festival. She smiled watching the people dancing out in the rain and listening to the laughter as others joined them. There was a sense of relief through the crowd that had more to do with the smoke and ash that had been looming over the festival site since long before she had gotten there.

The last time she’d spent any significant amount of time here, it had gotten so cold that the rain had turned to snow and killed the things she’d meant to nourish. This place seemed to like extremes so she decided to go away for a while, at least until things had warmed up, but she’d been captured before she’d gotten over the mountains.

The magician had meant well, she was certain of that. He’d forced her into her smallest form and put her in a jar in a cave by the sea. The moisture in the air had kept her alive but nothing more. Her sisters had finally sent someone to find her and nursed her back to health in the sea. She was still too small, looking like a very petite human woman, and she couldn’t quite change her hair to a more normal color, but her blue hair didn’t cause more than a second glance here.

As the set ended and the musicians gave the impromptu stage to the next group, one of the dancers pulled her up on the table with her.

“I watched you dancing before the rain started,” the dancer said. “Come join us.”

Rain felt the rhythm of nature in the music washing over her and let it move her body. She spun and shook and lost herself in the feeling of life all around her. Applause erupted as she leapt from the table, over the head of her audience and landed on the dirt outside. As the water trailed down her skin and into the earth, she felt the heat begin to drain away.

The rain pattered to the ground, healing the burning wounds of the earth. Rain was healing the heart of the place that was carried by the people who watched her dance. The clouds and the water bathed the skin of the earth and calmed the injuries from the heat and the fires that had ran over it for the last few years. The time of healing had begun, the time of rest, and the time of growth.





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