Nanowrimo Day 5

NaNoWriMo: Day . . . I WON!!!I knew a day like yesterday was going to happen at least once this month and I was right. The day job had me out the door by 6:30 am and I didn’t get home until about that time at night. Did this cause me any problems? Well, yes, lots of personal ones but not with my writing. I, the intrepid, fore-thinking writer, had loaded one of the stories I was working on into my phone. Five minutes here, ten minutes there, added up to words for the day. I didn’t hit 1,667 but I think I had a pretty good showing for a day when I really wasn’t anticipating getting much done. The word from the day job is that there’s going to be a few more days like yesterday this week and probably this month so I’m keeping one story as a phone story to work on while I’m at work.

Word count for day 4: 855

Total word count for the month: 13,953



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