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Time for a refresh

It’s a good idea, every now and then, to update your covers. Especially when they start to look dated or when they are so wildly divergent from your new covers there’s a question about whether or not the authors are the same.

So, I took a few hours yesterday and played with the cover for Stained Glass Forest, one of my first stories ever published. I like how it turned out.


I’m going to try and keep with this theme for The Dreaming Tower which, yes my patient friends, is coming out this year. Glitches and life and editing and “Name the damn horse!” issues have abounded but the end is in sight and I will be releasing it this year in both ebook and print. I also plan to continue Copper Visions on the blog and will be releasing the completed book in print and ebook, as well. Thanks everybody for their patience. It will be rewarded, I promise!


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Fisking the HuffPo because JK Rowling is nice and I’m not

This is the response I wish I’d written. I could whine and cry and say “but, I had to work all day so I couldn’t get to it in time” but, no, Larry Correia is the man and says everything I would have been to scared to say. Seriously, this is a must read.

Monster Hunter Nation

So a Huffington Post writer wants JK Rowling to stop writing books, apparently like most people who don’t understand how math or economics work, they think that if somebody else made a dollar, they lost one. Or if somebody else got pie, then there is no pie for them. Apparently this stupidity isn’t limited to just whining about economics anymore.

Read this first. Read it and gawk at the lameness.

Somebody posted this to my Facebook page, wanting my honest opinion as a relatively successful author who is more into the nuts and bolts of business rather than mystical muses and other assorted writerly bullshit. I can’t take every request that comes along because I’m kind of busy writing stuff that gets me paid, but this one needs to get clubbed before any other aspiring writers buy into this line of defeatist thinking. Some ideas just deserve to be…

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