Accountability Post, Day 1

I declare today to be the day of distractions! Between yelling at Smashwords while formatting for the alternate penname, making sure the new story for alternate penname was up and not experiencing issues, door-to-door Baptists (?!), FedEx actually delivering and waiting for me to accept the package and browsing stock photos, I did a lot of stuff but not a lot of work.

Okay, the Smashwords stuff was work, but it wasn’t writing.

Once I finally sat down and focused on the story that was on today’s docket (a flash fiction for an anthology for alternate penname), I realized I had to make dinner.

With 30 minutes to write before I’d be too busy, I sat down and managed 859 words.

Now, I’m planning to do a bit more before bed tonight but, well, there’s laundry and…

But I did something today and it’s a start.

What did you do today? How are you doing on your goals? Let me know in the comments!


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