Accountability Post, Day 26

Can I get a do-over for today? Nothing went entirely wrong but it doesn’t feel like I accomplished anything, either.

I need a cover for the story I just finished and my taste has exceeded my abilities, which means I have to wait for my designer. He is awesome and will do it right but it’s frustrating to beat my head against something just to admit that I need help.

Then there’s the story I’m working on now. I did 565 words this morning and just stopped. I know where I want it to go but I can’t seem to make it get there. I also have the sneaking suspicion that it’s the second story in the series and I really need to write the first one, too.

And then there’s the whole diet thing. I fell off the way of eating I was doing to try and repair some of the damage some of my health challenges have created. Mostly because it got really hard to cook cheaply for everybody and then need to make another, separate meal for myself. Or, I could cook for everybody and it could all be really expensive. I’m not to the point where that’s okay, yet. So, I gave in and ate with everybody else and I’m paying for it. Today was the first actual day of eating the way I’m supposed to and I hate it. I’m craving cookies and ice cream and bread, all of which I can’t have. I know this passes, I’m just really not enjoying it.

So, 565 words written on a story.

What did you get done today? Have you had any challenges recently? Let me know!


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