Accountability Post: Day 28

And we’re off to a rollicking start for April! I wrote 931 words last night to finish off the story I was writing. Today, I wrote 263 words in the first story in the series that goes before that story. And yes, what I originally thought was the second story in the series is, in fact, the fourth one and the one I wrote first. Ah, well, it happens. And that just gives me more to work with.

As it’s the first day of April, and I’m nearly finished with these accountability posts, I’m going over my goals for the month. Still going to write 5 new stories this month and hopefully get them published. I also need to publish the 2 I finished in March but didn’t have enough time to get them prepped and up. Those should actually be ready in the next few days. I spent most of my day today working on the covers and starting my process to write the next three books. As I do more and more of this, I’ve realized that my process is becoming quicker, more refined.

Thanks for sticking with me this long.

What did you do today? Get anything fun done?


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