More accountability? Day 31

I totally spaced that I was going to end this at the end of March. It being April, I think I’m going to keep going. That said, I’ve done nothing today. Well, that’s not true. I worked, spent hours on the phone with tech support and bosses, covering my ass to keep from being the fall guy because somebody up the line has their panties in a wad. I’ve also prepped a story for the alt-penname and it’s currently waiting to be approved.

Now, I’m starting dinner. I waited too long to do it, too, and totally forgot how long it actually takes to cook sweet potatoes. So, kinda low blood sugar while I’m waiting for my dinner to finish which makes it hard to concentrate on anything. After that’s done, though, I have plans to work on Copper Visions. Yes, that’s right, I am going to finish Copper Visions if it kills me. I’m really hoping it doesn’t, though.

What did you do today? Anything fun? Let me know!


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