The One In Which I’m Late

Yes, I’m late tonight. For a couple reasons, one of which was I was righteously angry today which always screws up my mood. For a while there, I was seriously enjoying my bad mood and contemplating things which are best left to the horror stories I don’t actually write on purpose. It boils down to more drama with the day job (unless they’re providing me a TARDIS, which would be cool) but also ended up splashing on to somebody else.

Combined with an ouch bill for more repairs on my car and I ended up very nearly taking down somebody who’s telling a forum of people in various stages of success in their self-publishing careers that, don’t worry, it’s fun but you won’t make money at it. I corrected a few things in the post and then stepped back to let some of the old hands have at her. I felt kinda bad doing it but, hey, gotta learn somehow.

Spent some writing time at BK again and got about 2,000 more words written. Debating taking a benadryl for the allergy attack I’m suffering through or trying to push to the finish on this story.

What did you do today? Have you ever enjoyed a bad mood?


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