The Feeling of Trudging Through Mud

So, I have a thing, which requires medication that I take on a daily basis, mostly at the same time each day. I ran out of my correct dosage on Sunday and couldn’t pick anymore up until today. There are so many ways to describe what I’m feeling; a car running with the gas light on, turtles stampeding through mud, pushing a rock up a hill for eternity.

Uh, no, I’m not Sisyphus, but today I have felt his pain and remembered what it was like before I got someone to listen to me. After being referred to multiple psychiatrists because my doctors kept telling me I was depressed, someone actually listened to my symptoms and did a blood test. Explanation for exhaustion and weight-gain found, I embarked on the daily regimen that keeps my muscles working and my blood moving.

I never want to get back to this place again.

Also, the family fighting stuff is hilarious when you’re not in the middle of it. I will write it all as a farce and publish it someday.

250 words written though God knows how I actually managed it. More tomorrow.


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