Headaches and Haircuts

So, I think it would be fair to say that, when ones hair is doing physical harm to ones self, it is time to cut said hair off. Well, maybe not all of it, but enough to keep from causing further injury. Yesterday, as I was grooming as I am wont to do, I threw my neck out. I did this brushing my hair while wet. This ridiculous injury has caused no end of irritation and so today, I went and chopped the offending locks.

Well, I didn’t, the hairstylist did. And I think she was laughing when I told her what had happened. I left behind enough hair to cover a medium sized dog, or create the entirety of a small one, and felt a lot better.

I’d been threatening to cut the hair off for almost a year now. Every time I sat on it or caught it in the car door, I reached for the scissors, only to restrain myself because violence was not the answer. Except, really, it is. At least on that score.

Now, having been rid of the too-long hairs that were plaguing me, I feel lighter. That could also be the muscle relaxers.

Why muscle relaxers if I’d cut off what had put the most weight on the injury in my neck?

Because the first thing I did, upon reaching the car, was shut my hair in the door. So, probably no words tonight beyond this blog post, but hopefully a day off tomorrow and lots of words then.


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