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A Note on NaNoWriMo

So, I kinda bailed on NaNoWriMo this year and I’m not sure I have a good enough excuse. I know part of it was the fact that I had been living at an frantic pace that wasn’t going to be sustainable and I hit the wall this month. Something had to give and, unfortunately, that something ended up being my writing.

Now, I didn’t give up completely. I got several very nice short stories out of this months effort and the story beats (something new I’m trying) for a novel that wants to be written yesterday. It’s going to have to wait until I finish Copper Visions, though, because I realized how awful it was to leave my loyal readers (all 2 of you) hanging without finishing the story. I went on a very impassioned rant about artists leaving work unfinished with a “too bad, so sad” attitude and I realized I had done the exact same thing. I kept meaning to finish the story but…

So, now, there will be no more “but…”

Copper Visions will be finished soon, hopefully before the end of the year, and I’m hoping to have it edited and ready to go up by early next year.

I’m finishing things this year, dammit, and I started with Dreaming Tower. (Which is, incidentally, available to purchase or borrow on Amazon.)


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Dreaming Tower

There was a story I started writing after Stained Glass Forest when people asked me what happened to Aidan. The answer was, well, I don’t know but let’s find out! I planned for it to be a short story, coming in somewhere around 5,000 words. It ended up nearly 9 times that with a dragon and ghosts, a lost kingdom and a sleeping princess.

If you still remember Aidan and want to know what happened to him, his story is available on Amazon. It is currently in KU but I am giving away 3 review copies to the first 3 people to let me know they want one.


The long awaited sequel to Stained Glass Forest:

Freed from a curse by his best friends wife, Aidan finds himself at a loss in a world that he doesn’t quite recognize. When he starts dreaming of a woman also out of time, he wonders what she has to do with his future. A witch reveals that Aidan being released from his curse might have wide-ranging consequences, including costing the woman of his dreams her life and sanity.

Dawn went into a magic sleep expecting to wake up to a prince. When a fairy bent on mischief warped the spell, she found herself transported to the world of dreams while her kingdom disappeared. She begins to wonder if she’ll ever wake up when a horse gallops through her dreams and gives her hope.

Will Aidan be able to find the missing kingdom in time to save the dreaming princess?

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