Dreaming Tower

There was a story I started writing after Stained Glass Forest when people asked me what happened to Aidan. The answer was, well, I don’t know but let’s find out! I planned for it to be a short story, coming in somewhere around 5,000 words. It ended up nearly 9 times that with a dragon and ghosts, a lost kingdom and a sleeping princess.

If you still remember Aidan and want to know what happened to him, his story is available on Amazon. It is currently in KU but I am giving away 3 review copies to the first 3 people to let me know they want one.


The long awaited sequel to Stained Glass Forest:

Freed from a curse by his best friends wife, Aidan finds himself at a loss in a world that he doesn’t quite recognize. When he starts dreaming of a woman also out of time, he wonders what she has to do with his future. A witch reveals that Aidan being released from his curse might have wide-ranging consequences, including costing the woman of his dreams her life and sanity.

Dawn went into a magic sleep expecting to wake up to a prince. When a fairy bent on mischief warped the spell, she found herself transported to the world of dreams while her kingdom disappeared. She begins to wonder if she’ll ever wake up when a horse gallops through her dreams and gives her hope.

Will Aidan be able to find the missing kingdom in time to save the dreaming princess?


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