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The Swan Princess

The Swan Princess was, for me, the story that demanded to be written. It plagued me with half-remembered storylines while I slept, questions in the middle of the day about what happens when a curse goes bad, or hits the wrong person. What happens when an innocent, a true innocent, gets caught up in a feud between people who are jaded and world weary. At what point does selfishness become self-preservation.

The Swan Princess is my answer to some of those questions.


Giselle, the daughter of a rebellious princess, only wants to see her mother happy and do her duty to her country. When she steps in the path of a curse meant for her mother, she’s forced into a life, and a body, she’s never known.

To be free of the curse, Giselle must find love and learn what lives in her own heart. But how is she going to do that as a swan?

It’s available to purchase or borrow on Amazon.


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