2017, the year of starting over

Well, maybe not so much from scratch but that’s what it feels like.

2016 was rough and if you go back a couple of posts you’ll see that I accomplished exactly nothing that I wanted to do last year.

I don’t even have a reason for why except I wasn’t feeling well for most of the year last year. I think we’ve got everything figured out at this point but there were days when it was a struggle to get out of bed much less actually accomplish anything.

Add to that taking a second job around June of last year and, well, I’ll cop to being a bit lazy.

With the 2 jobs I have right now I’m putting in about 70 hours a week. And I’m going to keep doing it as long as I can because we have to move this year. To a bigger place in a better part of town and we have to be building our savings in earnest.

What does that mean for the blog?

Well, it means it can’t get any deader than it was last year and I’m going to try and revive it a bit. It means I’m going to be scheduled down to the minute for months at a time but I’m making time for workshops and classes so I can get better at my craft.

It means I’m going to really, honest and truly try and get a flash fiction up every Friday. And to finish the 2 novels I have in progress.

If you feel the need to help, there’s a couple ways to do so.

  1. Comment on things you like. There’s nothing quite like writing into the void to make somebody want to stop.
  2. Buy a book. Seriously, there’s a page with links and everything. I’ll try and keep it updated as much as possible.
  3. Review a book.
  4. Tell other people about the books.
  5. Buy me a cup of coffee every now and then and make sure I sit down to drink it.

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