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Flash Fiction Friday: Wild Sparks

Wild Sparks

The lightning struck and flowed down the rabbit hole.

There were no rabbit’s down this hole nor an endless tunnel. Instead, it landed in the camp of unformed fairy elementals.

When fairy elementals are born, they’re made of magic and air and very little else. Until they find the element that calls to them, they remain in their rawest, purest form.

The fire sparked and jumped into the closest of the elementals. As the power flowed through them, they began to glow with white hot light and electricity arced off their fingers. When some of their companions touched them, the lightning jumped to them, bowing their bodies with pain until they too filled with the white hot light.

Intrigued, the elementals flowed out of the rabbit hole, following the break between worlds caused by the lightning, and came out surrounded by fire.

Rain poured from the sky, sizzling in the flames that surrounded them. Fingers of flame reached out and pulled the closest elementals in, grabbing them as they flowed up behind their brethren who sought out the source of the lightning.

As they noticed the flames grabbing them, they huddled together and flew into the sky, only to be hit by the rain drops. Water flowed through them, giving their shapes form and they could see the others gathering in the trees, taking great delight in the flames that consumed the wood that supported them.

The new water elementals flowed into the clouds, increasing the rain that dropped onto the forest.

The only elementals left unchanged were the ones filled with the arcing, white light. When they touched the clouds, great bolts of lightning flew from their fingers. Some arced harmlessly through the clouds. Others went crashing through the trees, knocking down branches and setting ablaze to the underbrush.

While the fire and lightning elementals played in the forest, the water elementals rushed away from the heat. They overflowed rivers to bring relief to the land, the earth elementals calling out for help.

Then they say them.

The humans.

Dressed in heavy material, they brought water to bear on the edge of the fire and the elementals joined them.

Pleading with their brothers to ease back, to not attack the humans, they made it possible for the humans to bring the flames under control.

Not everybody liked this, though.

Just as they were pushed back, the fire elementals who were losing their playthings to the humans water and machines leaped forward, catching them in their flames.

But the humans fought on, their heavy clothing protecting them long enough to get at the heart of the flames. The water elementals joined the humans, using their weapons to propel through the forest and soothe the burning trees.

The dryads caught them and shook the soot from their leaves, thanking the water elementals for the relief. The water elementals dripped through the trees and cuddled at the roots, taking shelter and giving aid after the cleansing fire.

One of the firefighters, exhausted from the fight, saw the faces in the trees and rubbed his eyes. They started to water and he felt a splash against his hand.

His own face looked up at him and smiled. It’s spindly arms reached up and pushed through the dirt and ash on his face.

“What are you, buddy? The start of heat stroke?”

The water shook its head and looked around. It saw the nearly empty water cannon and reached for it.

“You want inside?” the firefighter asked. The elemental nodded.

Other elementals came to watch as the water elemental shimmied itself into the tank and splashed around. It started to overflow and the firefighter had to dump some of the water out into the trees.

Water flowed down the firefighters hands, onto the ground and through the trees until the water hiding deep underground from the fire sprang up to join it.

The other firefighters saw the spring and came over to wipe their faces, the cool liquid welcome after the fire.

The water stopped flowing out of the cannon and the firefighter looked down. There was still a face in the tank and it waved happily at him.

“You’re coming home with me?” he asked, hoping the others didn’t notice him talking to his water cannon.

The water elemental nodded happily.

“Alright, but I have to put the cap on to keep from splashing, okay?”

With another nod, the elemental waved and the eyes blinked shut.

Shaking his head, the firefighter put the cap back on the tank to his water cannon.

Faces stared at him from the forest and he waved. “I promise to keep him safe if you promise not to let any more fires loose for a while, okay?”

The dryads nodded and the earth elementals waved.

Anybody else would have thought they were crazy but he knew what was happening. Knew there was more than most people saw.

With the water elemental in tow, Professor Alexander called out to the men that it was time to head back. His water cannons were a success, his lightning machine proven though in need of several improvements.

The mechanical horses pulling the fire wagon snorted steam and the sound of machinery echoed through the forest.

A wild spark had taken up residence in his eyes.

Yes, today had been an unqualified success.


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Wherein It’s Been a Rough Day

And it really, really has. The weekend was great, with lots of time spent with the kiddos, and I was looking forward to a light week. I got a call from my mom just as I put my car in gear to get to work this morning. There’s been a death in the family. My decent week has transformed into one filled with angst and family stuff.

So, I’ve only done about 1,000 words on my next story today, though I’m going to try a few more before bed. Wish me luck.

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The Post I Make From My Tablet Because the Price of Gas Sucks

Yep, the price of gas sucks, and we only have one car at the moment, which means I’m writing this from a table at Burger King while I wait for someone to be done at work. Today started with two flat tires on the way to the kiddo’s spelling bee (where he placed 1st in his grade and 4th overall) which resulted in spending nearly 3 hours trying to get back on the road again. I got a little work done for the day job but mostly I sat and waited for people to work.

What did I do while I waited? Well, I read and I worked. As I read, I came across a new concept that I’d heard before but never had explained. It works out to a non-outline outline to help make writing go faster. I hate outlines with a passion but this seemed like something I could do. So, after finishing the story I’ve been working on in bits and pieces for a week, I sat down and did the non-outlines for the next 3 stories I want to do.

How did it work?

Well, granted that my words per minute sucks on the tablet, but less so than it did on the phone, and I’m happy to report that I’ve written 1,500 words in the last hour and a half.

It seems to be working, at least for now. So, once I get home, I’m going to see how much more I can get done before I have to go to bed tonight.

What did you do today? How have you turned a fail into a win recently? Let me know!

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There’s nothing quite like a nasty gram from the boss to ruin a day. Today was going pretty well until I got an email from my boss yelling at me about things that aren’t late and aren’t going to be. All I can think is “Write faster. Must write faster.” Seriously can’t wait until I can quit the soul-sucking day job.

On the writing front, I got a couple hundred words on the latest story for alternate penname and I’m going to be opening up the latest chapter on Copper Visions to see what I can’t get done before bed.

What’d you get done today? What’s your motivation?

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Accountability Post, Day 32

Still struggling with what I can and can’t eat and I crave biscuits to bad. It’s a psychological thing that happens when the refrigerator starts getting a little empty. Biscuits are cheap and easy to make and I can’t have them. Very strange to start wanting them now.

Anyway, I did get some writing done. 935 words on something that looks massive from this viewpoint and I have the feeling I may be biting off more than I can chew. I will be taking it in smaller bites and seeing how it shakes out and which penname it will be for. I also worked on cover art a bit today, so that was fun.

What’s the biggest project you’ve ever taken on? Were you successful? Let me know!

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Accountability Post: Day 28

And we’re off to a rollicking start for April! I wrote 931 words last night to finish off the story I was writing. Today, I wrote 263 words in the first story in the series that goes before that story. And yes, what I originally thought was the second story in the series is, in fact, the fourth one and the one I wrote first. Ah, well, it happens. And that just gives me more to work with.

As it’s the first day of April, and I’m nearly finished with these accountability posts, I’m going over my goals for the month. Still going to write 5 new stories this month and hopefully get them published. I also need to publish the 2 I finished in March but didn’t have enough time to get them prepped and up. Those should actually be ready in the next few days. I spent most of my day today working on the covers and starting my process to write the next three books. As I do more and more of this, I’ve realized that my process is becoming quicker, more refined.

Thanks for sticking with me this long.

What did you do today? Get anything fun done?

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Accountability Post, Day 24

Have you ever had a goal that was so exciting, you couldn’t sleep? That you worked until you were exhausted and resented the time you had to spend asleep? That’s what this month has been for me, especially as it comes to the end of March and my goal is in sight.

I woke up excited and pulled out my tablet, which I’m working on now, and finished the short story I had been writing the day before yesterday. And then I started another one. The first story is off to the beta readers and I’m hoping to finish the second story tonight, tomorrow at the latest. That’s 2,765 words for today.

I also started back on the yoga wagon today. I hurt so much but it’s a good hurt and I’m excited about it.

What are you excited about? Let me know!

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